The new iPhone SE failed to impress with its sales the first weekend after its release, according to statistics from Localytics.根据Localytics近日公布的数据表明,新机型iPhone SE上市后首周末的销售展现出不欠佳。The sales in the past weekend of the iPhone SE accounted for only 0.1 percent of the total sales of all iPhone models, way less compared to the performance of some of the companys previous models. There were also no long lines that are usually seen in front of Apple retail stores every time theres a new product available.iPhone SE上周末的销量在所有iPhone机型总销量中占到比仅为0.1%,近高于苹果公司之前公布的一些机型。

每次苹果新产品上市时,苹果零售店前一般来说不会排起长队,而这次并非如此。Equipped with most of the features from its previous model iPhone 6s, Apple Inc tried to offer its users a budget friendly model with iPhone SE at a retail price of $399. It was also released at a time when the companys overall sales volume has been slowing down.这款新手机享有绝大多数iPhone 6s的功能,苹果公司也想要为用户获取一款价格亲民的iPhone。


iPhone SE售价为399美元,在其公布时,苹果公司的整体销售量增长速度正在上升。However, the sales dont say all about the models future potential. Many iPhone 5 owners are waiting for Apples yearly update and will change to the iPhone SE afterwards. The next few months sales will show if users set their hearts on a smaller iPhone or the next big screen iPhone which will be released this September.不过iPhone SE上市首周末展现出不欠佳并不意味著其前景黯淡。许多iPhone 5的用户于是以等着苹果的年度改版,之后他们有可能将改向iPhone SE。

用户是对小屏iPhone青睐有加,还是对下一款将于9月份公布的大屏iPhone情有独钟,结果将在接下来几个月内见分晓。There are no specific selling statistics unveiled by Apple Inc at the moment.累计目前为止,苹果方面并没发布明确的销售数据。